Increase in physical health treatments because of Covid-19

In this short article, we will have a look at how there’s been an increase in physical health treatments because of Covid-19. Who are the scapegoats? Home offices, and the exploration of new exercises.

Home offices

In the beginning of the pandemic, the number of people receiving physical treatment went down by fifty-four percent, and the hours that physical therapists worked went down by roughly the same number. New surveys have shown that more and more people are now starting to go back to physical therapy. Some therapists are even having more clients than during normal times. They believe the reason for this is that people are putting in way too many hours from their home offices, sitting in non-ergonomic furniture like stiff chairs, couches, and yes, even beds.

Whereas many modern workplaces are equipped with ergonomic chairs and desks that can be adjusted up or down to suit different working positions, the more simple home furniture often don’t have the same features. When forced to sit in a too upright position on a stiff chair, for example, the lower back doesn’t have enough support to sit for eight hours, let alone two. In offices, chairs are usually a bit softer, and have a curvature which supports the lower back.

It might seem obvious that the kind of furniture we sit in can hurt our backs over the long term, and lead to more need of physical treatment. But it’s not as obvious that a new exercise regimen can lead to the same problem.

Exploring new exercises

Exercise equipment

Doctors and physical therapists are starting to see an increase in demand for a certain kind of treatment; the rehabilitation of exercise-induced injuries. This is caused by the many people who are now working from home, and who have taken on running, biking, or strength exercises. Few are aware that in order to perform the simple act of running in a healthy way, they have to learn how to do it.

For example, it’s important not to land completely on the heel, because this puts a major strain on the knee, hip, and back. This is because the heel is not designed to absorb a lot of force, in the same way that the achilles and calf muscle is. Landing only on about the anterior 60-70% of the foot, never completely on the heel, is imperative in order to prevent injuries over time.

It’s not just running that may cause harm to people if done incorrectly, however; any activity which is overdone can lead to muscle sprains. These are called overuse injuries. Whenever we do something too much, too soon, there is a high risk of getting hurt.

Now we have explored a couple of the reasons why there has been an increase in physical health treatments because of Covid-19. How is your back feeling? Or your neck? Or your knees? If you’re going to work from home for a while, please consider buying an ergonomic chair to sit in. And remember not to exercise too much too soon!

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