Success Stories

As friends, confidants and workout partners we managed to get each other to the gym, discuss work, kids and life in general while we rode a bike, walked/ran on the treadmill or used the elliptical machine.

We were up to date on all the latest gossip but didn’t see many of the health benefits associated with our workouts. We wondered if we were doing the right things and were we at the right gym? We have both been members of the Workout Co. for over 10 years and thought maybe now was the right time to find a new gym with a new workout.

So we left. We tried another gym, saw results and then grew very bored with the same routine week in and week out and those same results we saw early on were not sustainable. We missed the camaraderie at this gym, the trainers and of course, the coffee. We came back but knew we had to make a change.

Enter Team Alloy. We are stronger, healthier, have enjoyed meeting new people and making new friends. The small group workouts are challenging but change weekly so we are not bored. Our trainers are the best and push us out of our comfort zone. We continue to amaze ourselves by doing
exercises we thought we could never do. We still enjoy our coffee in the morning but it is usually after hearing Sam say, “pull ups anyone?”

After getting engaged in 2011, we made the decision to join the Workout Company together. We knew they offered Team Training and we started attending once a week.

After a few months we both knew the value of the Workout Company, for the first time in our lives we actually wanted to go to the gym and wanted to work out. And for the first time in our lives, we saw actual results from that hard work.

We’ve managed to push each other in different ways to achieve each other’s goals. Looking back, there was a time when each of us would secretly hope the other would say they didn’t want to go to the gym that day, so we could get out of it and not feel guilty. And now, it’s the opposite, we both want to push each other to keep us both accountable in our goals. With each other by our side we’ve slowly reached so many other goals, mentally and physically.

We’ve both accomplished things that we never thought were possible at one time in our lives. Having a safe, positive environment to go to has been the biggest part of reaching those goals. The Workout Company isn’t a gym, it’s a community, it’s our home, and we can walk in confidently knowing that when we leave we will feel better than we did before stepping foot in the door.

Three years later, we can happily say that our lifestyle has continued to become more active and healthier with each passing day, and as a bonus, we’ve made so many new