BODYFLOW Yoga for Golf


Stay on top of your game with this unique golf-specific blend of Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates. BodyFlow Yoga for Golf puts it all together in a one-hour relaxing workout that can  be done indoors or out.

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Our instructors will come to your location and lead your members in a workout that will prepare the body & the mind for an all-around more enjoyable golf experience!


  • Tai Chi for breathing & concentration
  • Yoga for relaxation & flexibility
  • CX for functional core strength & balance
  • Pilates for stretching, spinal rotation & mobility
  • Meditation for focus & visualization

Plan: $75 per session (max 30 students)

Dates: According to your schedule

Details: Contact Laura at 309.454.2582 or

“After 40 years of working behind a desk, my golf game had suffered due to lower back pain and loss of flexibility. That was a year ago before I started BodyFlow. I became a member of The Workout Company last March and my golf scores lowered dramatically this past summer. I was able to play more as my back was healthy and strong again. My backswing increased and I was able to stay balanced throughout my swing. My playing partners asked what I had done to improve my game and I couldn’t say enough about what BodyFlow had done for me. Improved flexibility and balance along with core strength – that’s BodyFlow!” –Jim S.