Want to take your fitness to the next level? Come try the Workout Company’s Boxing fitness classes with Instructor Abby Rader.
Boxing workouts can help improve your cardio, strength, hand-eye coordination, balance and get that lean body you are looking for.   Plus, there is nothing like punching a bag to get out all of your stress at the end of the day!

The workout is high-intensity, focusing on heavy bag, mitt work, jumping rope, and body weight exercises.  In other words, old school Rocky Balboa training!
Classes are 45 minutes and instructor led.
Tuesday at 5:30pm, Track
Boxing Gloves are recommended. There are some to use, but supplies are limited.


1 session, $20 || 5 sessions, $75 || 10 sessions, $120*
*best value
~Boxing Classes are also included at no additional charge in the Team Training and Small Group Training Membership Levels~

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