Training Schedule at The Workout Company Training Club



Large Groups

Monday: 5:00am (JK), Noon (Carl), 5:00&6:00pm (Allie) 

Tuesday: 5:00am (Maggie), 9:30am (JK), 6:00pm (Clayton)

Wednesday: 5:00am (JK), Noon (Carl), 5:00&6:00pm (Kyle)

Thursday: 5:00am (Josh), 9:30am (JK), 5:00&6:00pm (Kyle)

Friday: 5:00am (JK), Noon (Carl) 

Saturday: 9:00am (Rick)

Small Groups

Monday: 6:00am 
Wednesday: 6:00am 
Thursday: 6:00am 
Friday: 6:00am 

*class schedules are subject to change. check back for updates!


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