1.16 Visiting Gorica. There is also a vineyard for every 70 people. 6. 60% of the country is covered with lush green forest. A lot of that ties into its history and geography of course. The most relevant and interesting sections from the comprehensive survey entitled Slovenia:Bad

Answer (1 of 10): There really arent good and bad neighbourhoods in terms of safety City centre is probably the liveliest. During that time, Slovenia was part of Yugoslavia and it was considered of political interest by the United States and the Soviet Union. Skiing in Slovenia. It was voted the European Commissions Green Capital of Europe in 2016. Inequality adjusted human development index from 2016 List of countries by inequality-adjusted HDI - Wikipedia says tha Slovenia is 21 Best Places to Visit in Central Europe. 216 km to be exact. In its small territory, Slovenia exhibits a vast diversity of nature. To get to the main falls, head further up the steep pathway. Your accommodation can advise you about any areas to avoid, but the list will be short. Throughout the year, Slovenia hosts many interesting festivals, and the International Festival of Roasted Potatoes is undoubtedly among them. THE Slovenia Book is packed with tips and advice from our experienced foreign journalists who reside in the country. The International Institute for Middle-East and Balkan Studies (IFIMES) in Ljubljana, Slovenia, regularly analyses events in the Middle East and the Balkans.IFIMES has prepared an analysis of current events in Slovenia following the appointment of the new government. 1.13 Getting the adrenaline rush in Bovec. Here are our 10 things not to miss in Slovenia. Wine is a daily part of life If there is a sign that says no cycling on a particular road, be assured that they mean it. What is Slovenia Like? 1.12 Going for one of the most unusual train rides ever. Baking 2. Just come here and you will see. Places To Stay 1. Slovenia is mountainous, which means that the roads are often narrow and winding. They love to talk about their country and invite you to understand and know their culture. 12 Top Tourist Attractions in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

1.14 Visiting Brda, the wine region of Slovenia. Slovenias vibrant capital is one of Europes greenest and most liveable capitals. In the southwestern part of Slovenia, close to the Italian border, Italian is also an official language. Mix of Influences. Castle and secret tunnel withstood a siege until its owner was killed by the Holy Roman Empire, while sitting on the toilet. This massive subterranean fissure is known as the "underground Grand Canyon." This one-time health resort was used by aristocrats around the world. A miniature train-ride through Slovenia's largest cave system. Think Italian Riviera, with cappuccinos, yachts and gelato making a picture-perfect scene. But still, Slovenia had seen worse. One of the more interesting things I find about Slovenia is the countrys mix of influences. Only these facts are the good reasons for you to come visit Slovenia, but hey why stop at these when we can show you a set of 20 interesting facts about Slovenia! For example, Slovenians recycle 50 percent of the household waste, which makes them a 3- Kayak on Lake Bohinj. Even the biodiversity here is amazing, with about 1% of the total biodiversity of Earth. Museums And Collections 2. Slovenia Tourism Slovenia Hotels Slovenia Bed and Breakfast Slovenia Vacation Rentals Slovenia Vacation Packages Flights to Slovenia Slovenia Restaurants Things to Do in Slovenia Slovenia Travel Forum Slovenia Photos Slovenia Travel Guide All Slovenia Hotels; Slovenia Hotel Deals; Last Minute Hotels in Slovenia Many of them are tourist from all around the world. Not bad for a country that is less than half the size of New York state. I don't heard that someone feel unsafe in Slovenia. RINKA FALLS. Dairy is not healthy and white flour even less. Depends on what type of person are you and what you value in you life. A dramatic 99-step staircase leads up to the Gothic church on Bled Island, where couples can tie the knot in a real-life storybook setting. Answer (1 of 10): There really arent good and bad neighbourhoods in terms of safety City centre is probably the liveliest. Because it was part of the Habsburg Empire for many centuries, youre bound to see some hints and reminders of Austria in parts. The 52m tall waterfall is probably Slovenia's most attractive waterfall, and the best part is that you can also walk behind/under the falls.

Slovenia is also quite clean (in terms of nature and agriculture) and social work service is not that bad (as far as I know). 4- Cliff Jump in the Soa River. Slovenia is among the best countries in the world when it comes to eco-consciousness culture. Expats are likely to feel welcome in Slovakia, especially if they decide to stick around for a while. For wine lovers, Slovenia is paradise. From the town of Mojstrana, you will drive 5 km on gravel roads to the parking area for the trailhead. The Vilenica cave is the oldest show cave in Europe.

Food and drink . 7. 11 Reasons why Slovenia is the perfect European country #1 Slovenia is small. How to Get Here: Perinik Waterfall is located in Triglav National Park. Here are the 15 amazing things to do in Slovenia: 1- Swim in Lake Bled. Then of course you have residential areas which are safe but not really intersting to visit. The hike to the falls is super easy, passing through woods before arriving at the earlier, lower falls.

Slovak people may seem stand-offish at first and can be stubborn, but once they open up, they're lovely, engaging people as well as honest, hardworking and always willing to help. It was young female, walking around alone. Slovenia is truly small enough to drive across in a few hours. Fuine has a bit of a bad rep but it is still quite safe. Unhealthy food. They will always answer you with perfect manners and a huge smile; theres absolutely no doubt about that. : 10 Reasons You'll Fall in Love with Slovenia girl dating is all about keeping your manners and being kind. Its a short, uphill hike to the viewpoint and from here you can walk behind the waterfall. The Vipava Valley, located in central Slovenia, is a producer of world-class red wine. Unsplash/Klemen Tusar. In 1991, Slovenia declared its independence, and in 2004, it became part of the European Union. Which is large pedestrian areas, the capital of Slovenia is one of the safest in Europe - arguably, the safest. I could eat those meals every single day. THE Slovenia Book: Top 100 Destinations (3rd Edition) 19.99 . Located in southeastern Europe (or Central Europe, depending on who you ask), Slovenia used to be part of the erstwhile Yugoslavia. Political corruption and a lack of transparency coupled with non-functioning legal system. Here you can find the best info about Bad things about in Slovenia country , Salaries, Prices, Travel Guide, Budget for Travelers, Living compare cities or countries to know your need! 5. Slovak cuisine is amazing, trust me. Slovenia is home to the fairytale island of your dreams. More than half the country is protected. Festival of Roasted Potatoes. In Southwestern Slovenia, you'll find Piran, a medieval village of narrow streets and Venetian Gothic architecture jutting out into the Adriatic sea. Cabbage rolls, pirohy, halusky . Theres 5 things I dislike in Slovakia: 5. Theres a bear in there. It is full of vineyards! Fuine has a bit of a bad rep but it is still quite safe. The Balkan Peninsula, which consists of Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, and Albania, is also a complex fusion of languages, currencies, religions, and cultures. Lack of investigative jo In Slovenia is preaty hard to meet a black, but it's safe anyway. The average temperature in the summer is around 70F and in the winter slightly over 32F. Read on to discover 25 exciting things to do in Slovenia. Tourists from around the world have been visiting it since 1633. The centuries-old salt pans of Piran. Over 400 brown bears make their home in Slovenia 5. 1.11 Taking the cable car up to Vogel mountain. Additionally, they like to smoke and drink a lot. Slovenia has over 7,000 km of marked mountain trails, with 165 mountain huts and shelters Answer (1 of 4): This is the way I see it, in no particular order - some people might disagree with some points. History 2. 9. 1. Ljubljana. Slovenias War of Independence in 1991, also known as the Ten-Day War, was the first war in Europe since the WW2. The ski season in Slovenia runs from December to March, so if you're visiting during this period, pay a visit to the country's largest ski resort at Maribor Pohorje. Slovenia has a long and delicious culinary history. Slovenia is the only modern-day European country that was occupied by both Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy. Only one percent of Slovenia is coastline, but what it lacks in size it more than makes up for in beauty. Despite the small size of the country, it has plenty to offer in nature, culture, cuisine and much more. - Freedom.

https://expatpanda.com/slovenia-the-good-the-bad-and-the-ugly And it is true that Slovaks like to drink, but they actually consume less alcohol per capita than most of the surrounding countries. 3. The kind of view you can expect while skiing in Slovenia. 25 Interesting Facts about Slovenia 1. The Solkan bridge is the worlds longest stone-arch bridge railway 2. Slovenia covers less than 0.004% of the Earths surface 3. Wine is a daily part of life 4. Bonfires are lit up on April 30th 5. There are more than 500 brown bears living in the forests 6. Slovenia has more than 90.000 beekeepers Boat right up and see it for yourself, then stay for a while: Bled is charming resort town with scenic walks and several beaches. Slovenias Adriatic coastline is 46.6 kilometres long 4. Perinik Waterfall | Best Things to do in Slovenia. The climate of Slovenia is heavily influenced by the Alps and the Mediterranean, thus in the northeastern part the climate is mostly continental. Castles 2. Its roughly the size of the state of New Jersey at 20,273 square km/7,827 sqare mi. Slovenia is the land of many many caves. The average age of the countrys residents is 43.5 years. The country has numerous mountains and hills that are suitable for all levels of hiking. Slovenias brown bear population has been important for reintroduction of numbers for the whole of Europe. Summers in Slovenia are sure hot. Medieval 4. 2. The largest cave in Slovenia with 24 km of tunnels is Postojna Cave, which is certainly the queen of Caves. Top Facts About Slovenian People. Answer (1 of 3): I don't think Slovenia is bad at all. It was still part of Yugoslavia. In the winter, the snow-covered mountains offer the joy of skiing. But, hear me out on this because Slovenia has some things going for it that some other countries dont. Slovenia covers less than 0.004% of the Earths surface. I saw one last week in Bovec. At four hundred years old, its ametna rnina grapes produces 25 liters of wine every year. Beer 2. Crime rates are low, and crimes against visitors usually amount to bag snatching and pickpocketing. 10 Best Places to Visit in Slovenia. Slovenia is all about nature. You can say whatever you want, but it can be frowned upon (not in a dictatorship kind of way, of course), freedom of media varies from time to time (depends on a They are also elderly. 6 Most Beautiful Regions of Europe. This pretty much sums it up. Expats are likely to feel welcome in Slovakia, especially if they decide to stick around for a while. 11. Map of Things to Do in Slovenia. You Might Also Like. Churches, Chapels & Shrines. In any emergency, call 112. Bad things about Slovenia country Here we tell you the Cons of living in Slovenia country (Slovenia) : Not much to do; Humid now; Bad air quality today; Not many travellers/backpackers right now; Very difficult to make friends; Hospitals are pretty bad; People smoking tobacco a lot Slovak people may seem stand-offish at first and can be stubborn, but once they open up, they're lovely, engaging people as well as honest, hardworking and always willing to help. The alcohol content of both can easily exceed 40%. The weather. Slovenia cold be an amazing country to live in and raise a family, as it is rich in beauty, great food and mostly good people. War History 2. Postojna Cave has a constant temperature of 8C to 10C with a humidity of 95%. Slivovica is a plum brandy, aged for about three years in oak barrels. 8. No problem at all. Warm clothes for going to the caves! White flour and cheese are usually the main ingredients. Ljubljanica River flows through Ljubjanas colourful Old Town. Maribor is home to the oldest vine in the world. The biggest danger you're likely to face is falling into a pretty lake because you were too distracted by the peaceful backdrop of the snowy alps. Slovenia is known as one of the safest places to travel in Eastern Europe. So, warm jacket and decent shoes are advised in any season of the year. Diverse and beautiful nature. Then of course you have residential areas which are safe but not really intersting to visit. An interesting fact about Slovenia is that the country was a monarchy until the first free election in 1925 took place. Help us with the burden and find out what are our favorite reasons to hate Slovenians Recycle a Lot. But you are off to Postojna Cave or kocjan Caves to see the underworld magic (highly recommended!). In 1990, Slovenia established democracy for the first time since World War I. Only these facts are the good reasons for you to come visit Slovenia, but hey why stop at these when we can show you a set of 20 interesting facts All of the politicians are corrupt to the core. Slovenia had to face the wrath of the Yugoslavian military during its independence from Yugoslavia. Nevertheless, youre going to have fun learning some Slovenian words. Economically Slovenia is well integrated into the global economy, with companies being successful on the European market, as well as technology companies successfully competing on the global market. Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful caves in the world, the largest show-cave in Europe and the only cave with a double-track railway in the world. 1. Slovenia may only have 46 kilometres of coastline but its heaven. Borovika is a juniper brandy with a dry taste. Answer (1 of 7): By far, the worst are our politicians and the current ruling party is the worst of them all. Tourism in Slovenia is fuelled by unique and offbeat places. Numerous hidden caves, beautiful forest canopy, an awesome network of waterways and adventurous people make its a major tourist puller of Europe. 22. Definitely one of the many interesting facts about Slovenia. Baby Dragons. 14 Most Beautiful National Parks in Europe. In the northeastern Slovenia, by the Hungarian border, co-official language is Hungarian.