Fundraising with The Workout Company


If your group is holding a fundraiser, we’d love to help! We can be involved as much or as little as you’d like.
and we can work out the details! || downloadable version


Gift BasketsSilent Auction Donations

We can provide one of the below, gratis, for your silent auction:

Door / Gift Bag Handouts — 7 Day Passes (value: $35 each)

30-Day Workout Company Experience Membership (value: $79)

Basket of Fitness (value: $109)

or call Laura (309-454-2582) to request a silent auction donation!



Fitness Fundraisers

Kays Drive (accommodates up to 300 people)

  • 5 Les Mills Group Fitness Classes
  • 2 Alloy Personal Training Groups
  • Unlimited Cardio Deck & Weights
  • Childcare available
  • Cash smoothie bar
  • Schedules vary; contact us to discuss
GE Road (accommodates up to 120 people)

  • 20-30 people per hour
  • Large “Burner” Group Training
  • Cash smoothie bar
  • Can be scheduled on Saturday afternoons & Sundays

Fitness Fundraisers can be held at either of our locations. We’ll provide Trainers, Instructors, Front Desk support, and childcare for the kids (Kays Drive only). Your group can then enjoy a selection of our classes, Team Trainings, and the use of our other equipment. Order a smoothie when you’re done, relax with your friends, and raise money for your good cause!

We can also help by preparing a customized, print-ready PDF poster for you to print, as well as an email / letter to go out to your mailing list. Additionally, we’ll publicize YOUR event to OUR members through our blog, Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, and (if time allows) our monthly newsletter.

Prices vary upon the schedule and details of your event. Talk to us and we’ll work out all the details!

or call Laura (309-454-2582) to schedule your Fitness Fundraiser!