Sep 042017

A very warm welcome goes out to new Trainer Amy:

“My name is Amy Aranda and I am a mother, personal trainer, fitness instructor, figure competitor and coach, and a health coach. I began my journey to self-discovery and improvement in 2013 when I began life as a single mom. After joining the gym to relieve my stress and pain I began participating in 5K races and obstacle course races. Finishing the Hard Charge obstacle course race showed me I could do anything I set my mind to and lit a fire inside to accomplish more. I wanted to set goals and crush them. I am a two-time 1st place winner of the NGA Heart of America Natural Classic Figure Competition, Nationally Certified Personal Trainer, Instructor of my own fitness classes, and Coach for figure and bikini competitors. My passion is showing women they are strong and capable of achieving any goal they choose.”

Amy will be leading Small and Large Group personal training sessions at our Kays Drive location:

  • Mondays 4:30pm Small Group / 5:30pm Small Group
  • Tuesdays 5:30pm Large Group
  • Wednesdays 5:30pm Large Group
  • Thursdays 5:30pm Large Group
  • Saturdays 8:00am Large Group / 9:00am Small Group

Interested in working with Amy or any of our other awesome Trainers?
We’d love to have you in the gym! Reach out to us today to get started.

Aug 242017

Monday 9/4 Hours & Schedule

Hours: 5:30am – noon || Babysitting: Closed
—–>NO Silver Sneakers←—


6am Large Group Training (GE)
6am / 7am / 8am Small Group Training (Kays)
9am Large Group Training (Kays)


7:30am CX
8am WERQ
9am PUMP

Apr 242017

We have a couple great ways to get your teens and young adults active this summer!

  1. Elite Athletes Program: This program focuses on sports-specific skills like speed, agility, endurance, and explosiveness. It meets Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings at our GE Road location. [Learn More About the Elite Athletes Program]
  2. Summer Team Training Membership: These sessions focus on overall fitness; they’re an excellent opportunity for some parent-child bonding time. Open to youth high-school age and above. Attend any of our Team Training sessions at either gym, May – August. [Learn More About Team Training]
    $179/summer (non-members), $149/summer (current members). +$25 to add access to equipment and Group Exercise classes

Register at the Front Desk Now
or Contact Us for Additional Information!



Apr 102017

“When I decided that my job just wasn’t doing it for me in the fitness department, I decided to look for a gym to help me remember my days of being an athlete, and one that offered other options for exercise than just standard weights by myself. I like to support local businesses and The Workout Company was the ticket. I like the more personal feel of this gym. I wasn’t overwhelmed when I walked in the door and yet there’s a wide variety of options; there’s something for everyone! The trainers are friendly and help keep me accountable. They support me and push me. They listen to each individual and modify exercises if necessary. The groups feel like a little fitness family. I’m motivated to return for each of my sessions, and even after the trainer kicks my butt, I feel better, physically and mentally, when I walk out of that gym.” ~Cassidy Domagalla

“Cassidy has consistently demonstrated her outstanding work ethic and dedication to her health and fitness goals every week since I began working with her. I started at the Workout Company as a trainer around the same time Cassidy joined as a member. Seven months later I can’t recall a single time when she missed a training session, nor have I ever seen her give less than 100% effort during them. As most of our amazing members know, working 8-10 hours a day, 40+ hours a week, on top of all other demands life throws at us, there can be very little time and energy left for exercise. I believe Cassidy is a great representation of what our fitness community persevere through on daily basis; having the motivation to set time aside, even after a long day of work, to continue to maintain and improve the most important aspect of our lives, and that is our health.” ~Trainer Josh Hrudicka

Mar 072017

Mary has been a member for five years and a Training member for the past year.

“The Workout Company makes me feel like a family member. I appreciate the clean facilities and convenient locations. They provide many options for exercise and they continuously look for new opportunities to challenge us. The trainers are well trained and care about proper form.” ~Mary Harris

“Mary is a dream to train and overall a great person. She always gives great effort no matter how much she might not want to do the exercise at hand. Mary has been a great addition to The Workout Company and we love having her in our team training sessions!” ~Director of Training Maddie Oliver

We love our members! Know of someone whose words, pictures, and accomplishments should be featured on our blog? Click here to let us know now!
Feb 222017

We’re working together with Upper Limits Bloomington to offer some pretty spectacular discounts on their products and services:

  • $10 off day passes
  • Discounted yearly memberships
  • 15% off pro-shop items
  • Discounted beginner classes
  • and more!

Rock climbing would make a great complement to your usual workouts, whether you drop by a few times a year, or climb regularly.

Upper Limits is also a fantastic place to take the kids for camps, birthday parties, and kids nights out.

Contact Ericka Hines for more details and to set up a time to climb today!

Phone: (309) 829-8255

Feb 092017

It’s already been a year since our GE Road gym opened its doors and now it’s time to celebrate. During our One Year Anniversary Celebration February 11-18, you are cordially invited to:

  • Special Workouts Monday – Friday.
  • FREE VIP Guest Admission. All GE Road sessions listed below are open to members, non-members, and guests from February 11-18. Check the schedule, then stop by the GE Drive Front ten minutes before any session to get signed up!

  • Membership Specials. Choose a 12-month Training membership by Saturday 2/25 and get your first month for only $39.07 AND get one free month added to your membership! (ps — The price for GE Road Unlimited Team Training goes up for new members in March, so now is the time to get on board with the lower prices!)
  • Partner’s Workout + Happy Hour on Friday 2/17. Bring a friend with you or we’ll help pair you up for a fun workout at 5:30pm. After the workout we’ll head to Joe’s for Happy Hour! *****RSVP required is required for this event! Email us now to reserve your spot!*****

We’re so thankful to have all our members with us in both gyms
and we can’t wait to see what the next year will bring!

Jan 092017

We have Launch classes happening all this week, leading up to our PUMP Launch on Saturday. Check out the complete schedule below, then stop by the Kays Drive Front Desk to pick up your *free* Launch ticket today! As always, Launch classes are free and open to the public!

  • Sunday January 8th, 11am FLOW
  • Monday January 9th, 4:30pm STEP
  • Tuesday January 10th, 5pm CX || 5:30pm COMBAT
  • Wednesday January 11th, 8:15am RPM || 6:30pm WERQ
  • Thursday January 12th, 8am VIVE
  • Saturday January 14th, 7am / 8:15am / 9:30am PUMP100
  • Friday January 20th 8:30am ATTACK

PUMP Launch will be the ONLY group exercise class on Saturday January 14th. Except for Saturday, other group exercise classes remain the same during Launch.

Additionally, we will extend babysitting hours to 7:30pm For WERQ launch, and to 10:30am for PUMP launch.

Any questions? Send us an email or ask at the Front Desk!