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Stella LiaoAlloy program and Les Mills program differ from each other in the sense that they have different duration and they use different workout equipment. The beginning of my training with the Alloy program was hard and challenging because I was not used to it. But the differences between these two programs are also the reason why they complement each other so perfectly. Using different equipment allows me to work on different muscle groups, or even the same muscle group but at a different level. At the same time, working towards different duration allows for variation in intensity. For example, each track in the Les Mills program is, on average, 5 minutes, and we can do 5 minutes of jumping, running, and high knees in BodyAttack. But each set of Alloy moves is about 30-45 seconds, and I can push myself to lift heavy. I train my strength as well as endurance at the same time in both programs. I love the combination of these two programs, and I love the people who I work out with. This has been a great experience. ~Stella Liao Michael TannerI can’t imagine how physically out of shape I would’ve been had I never joined the ALLOY Program. It’s improved my overall well-being by building self-confidence, improving my ability to manage stress, sleeping longer, and the personal satisfaction of accomplishment. Additionally, it’s the camaraderie with friends I’ve made through participating in classes that have made the difference for me. It’s their encouragement and support that makes it worthwhile for me, holds me accountable, and motivates me to continue. ~Michael Tanner
Tom AllisonWhile working in small group sessions, I still get the individual attention I need. Plus, I benefit from the encouragement and camaraderie of others in the group. While we all do the same functional training, each person works at their own level. The training staff knows each person and their capabilities. So, I get the enjoyment of working in a small group setting while being challenged at my own fitness level. I have reached a new level of core fitness and endurance through the Alloy program. While I have enjoyed all prior training methods, I would not want to go back. The Alloy program, combined with the excellent training staff, is the right one for me. I would encourage everyone to give Alloy a try. Don’t be afraid of it. If you give the program a good honest effort, you will feel the difference it can make for you!! It’s not too late. Start now!! ~Tom Allison Cathy NortonWhat I soon learned about myself is that I also like variety in my workouts. The Workout Company provides this experience for me through all the offerings they have with Team Alloy and Group X classes (Les Mills). The combination between Small PTs, Afterburn or Foundations, and Group X classes such as Body Combat, Body Flow, RPM, Body Pump (to name a few favorites) has given me that variety. I can focus on strength training, aerobic exercise, flexibility, core training, endurance and balance. I can change classes as my personal schedule allows and try different Group X classes or I can work out with different trainers, knowing that I will receive the same expert training from any of the Workout Company team. ~Cathy Norton
                                                                                                                                                    I have had many successes in the 5 years I have been working on my health at The Workout Company.  Then came the Alloy program, after a month introduction I had already seen an enormous difference in my fitness level. I was definitely on board for the Alloy program and excited to see what it would bring. After 5 months of the new program, I decided to go to the doctor and have a check up on my health – blood work, the whole nine yards. I received my blood work after a week, and I was so nervous to open them, however, I did. “Labs are excellent” Wait, could this be right? These are my results? They were, and I was shocked, surprised, excited! I knew immediately this was due to the Alloy program! The HUGE success of being internally healthy has helped me trust myself more in the workouts, and try the things that scare me. I can do pushups on my toes. I don’t dread burpees as much as I used to, and know that one day, I will be able to do them without the bosu ball. People say success does not happen overnight, but I think it’s all in how you look at it. Each time I got to a small or large group, I have improved my health, if even just a little bit…which is success. ~Katy Griesemer As friends, confidants and workout partners we managed to get each other to the gym, discuss work, kids and life in general while we rode a bike, walked/ran on the treadmill or used the elliptical machine.  We were up to date on all the latest gossip but didn’t see many of the health benefits associated with our workouts. We wondered if we were doing the right things and were we at the right gym?  We have both been members of the Workout Co. for over 10 years and thought maybe now was the right time to find a new gym with a new workout.  So we left.  We tried another gym, saw results and then grew very bored with the same routine week in and week out and those same results we saw early on were not sustainable.  We missed the camaraderie at this gym, the trainers and of course, the coffee.  We came back but knew we had to make a change. Enter Team Alloy. We are stronger, healthier, have enjoyed meeting new people and making new friends.  The small group workouts are challenging but change weekly so we are not  bored.  Our trainers are the best and push us
out of our comfort zone.  We continue to amaze ourselves by doing
exercises we thought we could never do. We still enjoy our coffee in the morning but it is usually after hearing Sam say, “pull ups anyone?”                                  ~Lisa Bailey & Margarete Winland
I, like a lot of people, have tried to “get in shape” and “lose weight” most of my adult life.  I always felt like a number at the gyms I had gone to before.  I knew that if I didn’t show up, no one would really notice. When I first stopped by The Workout Company, I immediately noticed a difference.  The trainers were greeting people by name as they entered and left the gym. The patrons of the gym were talking to each other. This was definitely a different vibe than I had gotten at other gyms. I signed up for the 30 Day Experience, and immediately started to meet people, both class members and trainers.  I honestly began to feel that if I didn’t show up, one of the trainers might show up at my house and escort me to my class! Ok, maybe not, but I would probably get an email or a phone call making sure that I was ok and asking when I would return. Initially I felt guilty about the time I was spending at the gym, away from my 3-year-old.  Now, he looks forward to coming to the gym with me and hanging out in the child care room playing with his new friends. One of the big reasons I began doing this was to set an example for him. I’ve been a member since November of 2013 and this is the longest I’ve stuck with any fitness/exercise program (you know, since P.E. in high school :)).  I look forward to coming to the gym.  I never, in a million years would have ever thought I would look forward to working out! I’m seeing results in how my clothes fit, the way I feel, my stress level and much more.
This time, I think getting healthy has finally “stuck”!  ~Amy Spong


I’ve had a WOC membership since 2007.  I worked briefly with a personal trainer but attempted to do most workouts on my own …. and eventually fell off the wagon.  Last year a friend experienced heart issues which resulted in a triple bypass.  It was a real wake-up call.  Although I’m active – lots of yard work, gardening, golf and volunteering – I was not caring for my body as well as I could.  God gave me this wonderfully made body and I should take care of it. In December 2013 I started using the treadmill.  In March I talked to Sam about conditioning and she recommended “Alloy”.  I’m sold on the program!  Working in a small group once a week and working with a team twice a week keeps me on track.  At my request, Sam created a program to do on my own once a week and I also use the treadmill once or twice a week.  My exercise program has become a part of my daily routine and I’m glad about that! ~Karen Timmerman

A regular workout routine has been a part of my everyday life since college, so I’ve experienced many different fitness venues over the last 30 plus years.  When I joined The Workout Company I was immediately struck by the professionalism, knowledge and friendliness of the staff!  I tend to get bored fairly quickly by fitness routines and have so appreciated the new programs that are offered on a regular basis here at The Workout Company!  The newest offering, ALLOY, the functional training has been the best yet! I love the supportive atmosphere of the small and team training workouts, the variety of workout options each week, and the flexibility of the online scheduling. I love mostly the fitness level I’ve been achieving with the ALLOY system!!!
Back in the fall my husband had the “bright” idea for the two of us to train for a half-marathon (neither of us having run in YEARS). The training for the run and the beginning of ALLOY coincided and it was a WIN/WIN for me. There is no doubt that the functional training played a huge role in successfully reaching the goal of running the half-marathon at the end of April (with a 10 minute mile pace)!~Jana Schopp


After getting engaged in 2011, we made the decision to join the Workout Company together. We knew they offered Team Training and we started attending once a week. After a few months we both knew the value of the Workout Company, for the first time in our lives we actually wanted to go to the gym and wanted to work out. And for the first time in our lives, we saw actual results from that hard work. We’ve managed to push each other in different ways to achieve each other’s goals. Looking back, there was a time when each of us would secretly hope the other would say they didn’t want to go to the gym that day, so we could get out of it and not feel guilty. And now, it’s the opposite, we both want to push each other to keep us both accountable in our goals. With each other by our side we’ve slowly reached so many other goals, mentally and physically. We’ve both accomplished things that we never thought were possible at one time in our lives. Having a safe, positive environment to go to has been the biggest part of reaching those goals. The Workout Company isn’t a gym, it’s a community, it’s our home, and we can walk in confidently knowing that when we leave we will feel better than we did before stepping foot in the door. Three years later, we can happily say that our lifestyle has continued to become more active and healthier with each passing day, and as a bonus, we’ve made so many new
friends along the way!~Bill & Clare Malott

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