Oct 222017

Many times individuals want to find that weight loss shortcut, so they turn to skipping meals. This can create quite the roller-coaster ride for your body.


Skipping a meal can throw your blood sugar off balance because you are not providing your body with the fuel it needs to function properly, which causes your blood sugar to drop. Low blood sugar can create a shortage of energy. This may cause you to be sluggish, irritable, and cognitive issues such as lack of attention, memory, and basic mental performance. This can physically and mentally affect many areas of your life, like skipping a training session simply because you just don’t have the energy.


Skipping meals can also cause your metabolism to slow down. When you have nothing to digest your metabolism nothing to do, so when you finally consume food it is more difficult for your metabolism to begin breaking down the food. The result is food being transformed into fat and gets deposited in all the wrong places.


Proper nutrition is vital to your health and well-being and it can help improve or prevent several conditions like cardiovascular disease, stroke, and cancer. Like I always say, “Why skip meals when there’s Chipotle?”

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