Aug 282017

It’s MEAL PLANNING MONDAY! The best way to stay on track with a consistent and healthy diet despite a busy lifestyle is via meal planning/meal prepping. Therefore, today I present to you some Meal Prepping 101!

1. START SIMPLE! Most likely your first meal prepping experience will not include planning and preparing all three meals a day for a whole month at a time. Start small. Try planning just one meal a day as you start out. For those that work, it is probably best to plan and prep your lunch. This will prevent you from grabbing fast food on your lunch break, and will give you experience with meal prepping to build upon in the future.

2. PLAN AHEAD! Preparation is key when it comes to meal planning. It is easiest to plan out one week at a time. That being said, most people use Sunday as their meal prepping day. Planning ahead includes creating a grocery list. Again, prepping for one week at a time is simplest, considering most only purchase groceries once a week.

3. FOCUS ON THE FOOD GROUPS! When planning and prepping your meals, be sure to focus on including all the important food groups. Include PLENTY OF PROTEIN. In fact, it would be a good idea to make protein your “star of the show,” meaning that you use a protein source such as chicken, fish, tofu, ground beef, etc. as your main dish. Be sure each meal includes CARBOHYDRATES as well. Rice, pasta, bread, potatoes, etc. are easy-to-prep side dishes that ensure you are getting ample carbs in each meal. Cooking your meat in oil or adding butter to your noodles or veggies are a good way of adding a bit of FAT to your meal, in order to create a well-rounded diet. Finally, FRUITS and VEGGIES make perfect side dishes and snacks! They are so easy to prep and pack!

4. CUE THE CREATIVITY! Meal planning does not have to mean boring, and it most certainly does not have to be the stereotypical chicken breast, rice, and broccoli (although this is still a great meal). There are thousands of recipes out there that are simple and quick to prepare. Some ideas include: soups, pasta dishes, stir fry, and salads. All these dishes can easily be made to contain the perfect combination of protein, carbs, and fats. Just surf the web to find some delicious, nutritious, and quick-to-prepare recipes!

Any questions on meal planning? Contact me at to set up a time for a nutrition consult!

Now get out there and #masteryourmonday! ~Katie

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