May 082017

“I’d like to start by thanking the little people (Nick and my wife Jana) and previous spotlight members that have encouraged me along the way. Jana has been coming to the WC for a very long time (never a spotlight member however…just saying) and finally convinced me to try it when the GE Road gym opened. Nick took it from there and has continuously challenged me but always in a fun way. The people you meet and workout with also make it fun. While the before and after pictures may not look a whole lot different, I know I am stronger and healthier for making the small commitment of time to working out. I will miss the friendly banter with Nick when he leaves but am sure the other trainers will keep me coming back as well.” ~Rusty Schopp

“Rusty has been the poster boy of GE small groups ever since we opened, and we couldn’t ask for a better example. He has been an extremely consistent client and only skips his sessions if he’s at a Cubs game. His work ethic and good attitude make him a pleasure to train and a great example for new clients. Over the last year he has gained tremendously in strength, endurance, and mobility which shows how willing he is to push himself during class. Rusty also knows every person in Bloomington-Normal which makes new clients feel more welcome as they start their own fitness journeys. I have no doubt that Rusty will continue his hard work and consistency at the Workout Company even as I abandon him to live in the woods.” ~Trainer Nick Cellini

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