Apr 242017

“I joined the Workout Company just over a year ago after completing a 21-day program. At that time, I had not been exercising regularly and had a minor health issue. I felt unhealthy and tired. I thought that I preferred to work out alone and not at a gym, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. I was sold on the Alloy training classes and the positive, friendly atmosphere. The Workout Company helped me figure out how to fit consistent exercise into my life again. I am typically not a morning person, so I am so thrilled to have found classes that motivate me to get up early! I enjoy the people that have become my workout friends, and appreciate all of the wonderful instructors who encourage me to do more than I think I can. I am thankful for the Workout Company because I am much healthier, stronger, and happier today.” ~Jen Woodward

“Jen is very deserving of the Member Spotlight. From day one, she has been extremely consistent in both her attendance and her effort. She challenges herself each time, and has always been willing to try new movements, including wall walks and handstand holds :-) Many times, you can find her among a small group of members sticking around after the training sessions are over, putting in some additional work. Awhile back, as we were chatting after a 5am training, Jen shared with us what her journey has been like since the 21 Day Challenge about a year or so ago. Something that stuck out to me was how she articulated the positive way that her fitness routine made her feel. I think that’s an important aspect of this journey, and that particular mindset is very inspiring to others. So “Thank you” Jen, for being a great team training member. I appreciate you being a part of The Workout Company Training Club…even when you were horrified when we moved our training time from 5:15am to 5am :-)” ~Trainer JK

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