Apr 102017

“When I decided that my job just wasn’t doing it for me in the fitness department, I decided to look for a gym to help me remember my days of being an athlete, and one that offered other options for exercise than just standard weights by myself. I like to support local businesses and The Workout Company was the ticket. I like the more personal feel of this gym. I wasn’t overwhelmed when I walked in the door and yet there’s a wide variety of options; there’s something for everyone! The trainers are friendly and help keep me accountable. They support me and push me. They listen to each individual and modify exercises if necessary. The groups feel like a little fitness family. I’m motivated to return for each of my sessions, and even after the trainer kicks my butt, I feel better, physically and mentally, when I walk out of that gym.” ~Cassidy Domagalla

“Cassidy has consistently demonstrated her outstanding work ethic and dedication to her health and fitness goals every week since I began working with her. I started at the Workout Company as a trainer around the same time Cassidy joined as a member. Seven months later I can’t recall a single time when she missed a training session, nor have I ever seen her give less than 100% effort during them. As most of our amazing members know, working 8-10 hours a day, 40+ hours a week, on top of all other demands life throws at us, there can be very little time and energy left for exercise. I believe Cassidy is a great representation of what our fitness community persevere through on daily basis; having the motivation to set time aside, even after a long day of work, to continue to maintain and improve the most important aspect of our lives, and that is our health.” ~Trainer Josh Hrudicka

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