Mar 142017

“I took a chance on the 21-day challenge last February. Now 13 months later, this girl who hadn’t worked out since high school (yes high school, and that was more than a couple years ago) comes 5 days a week and loves (almost) every minute of it. I can honestly say The Workout Company and Nick have changed my life for the better. I look forward to my early morning workouts every day and have a new respect for mustaches!” –Tiffany Buckner

“Tiffany has been an awesome addition to the Workout Company since she joined last February. It’s awesome to have somebody with so much positive energy come in bright and early to start the day on a good note. She is extremely consistent and works out every morning, except when Rihanna is the first thing she hears when she wakes up. Tiffany has made huge strides in fitness and I look forward to seeing how her commitment pays off in the future!” -Trainer Nick Cellini

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