Jul 142016

MyZone Fitness Tracker

If you pre-ordered a new MyZone fitness and activity tracker, they’re in! If you’ve been waiting — now is the time to get yours at the gym before they sell out again.

What sets MyZone apart from other wearable trackers?

MyZone keeps you motivated by tracking heart rate based intensity—not steps. Using a chest strap, you receive accurate BPM readings during all of your exercise activity.

MyZone’s easy-to-follow system measures your effort by multiplying length of time and intensity of each workout. Your effort is then easily tracked through the free MYZONE App so you can stay on track toward meeting your goals and seeing your effort rewarded.

MyZone is affordable. Most wearables cost $100-$600, but MYZONE is now just $69 at the Kays or GE Road Front Desk.

Interested? Email Maddie to reserve yours today!

[Need some help getting started with your new MyZone?
Here’s an FAQ that will tell you everything you need to know!]

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