May 252016

13265892_10153672063650642_3959777867518756287_nMEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND HOURS / CLASS SCHEDULE

***Saturday (regular hours: 5:30am – 4pm)***
7am Combat
8am Afterburn Team Training
8am Pump
8:30am WERQ
9am Foundations Team Training
9am Flow

——->9am Hybrid Team Training (GE)

***Sun (hours: 6am – noon)***
NO classes

***Monday (hours: 6am – noon)***
6am Afterburn Team Training
7am / 8am Small Groups
8am Combat
8am Cycle
9am Afterburn Team Training
9am Pump

——->6am Afterburn with JK (GE): This will be a very special Memorial Day workout. Dress up in your best red/white/blue garments for a chance to win a special prize.

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