Apr 082016

Do you need some Workout Company gear? OF COURSE YOU DO, and we’ve got you covered!


T-shirts will be printed on the left chest and across the back. Tanks will have a larger logo centered on the chest. Jackets will be embroidered on the left chest. They’re all gorgeous!

We’ve heard so many people admiring our new Trainer quarter-zips from Select Screen Prints & Embroidery in Bloomington, and now you can get one too. Have a look at the order form, make your decisions, and bring the form to the GE Road or Kays Drive Front Desk by Friday, April 22nd! We’ve also got printed forms you can pick up at either front desk if you’d like.

(You can pay via check, cash, or credit card. Make sure you get a receipt — don’t try to hand over your money and leave before you’re given a receipt! Tax is not included on the form. It will be applied at the register.)

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