Mar 222016

Hard to believe this is my last entry on here! I can’t believe those 6 weeks came and went.

So what everyone probably wants to know:

Started the challenge at: 121 lbs / 27% bodyfat

At final weigh in: 116lbs / 20% bodyfat

I lost 10lbs of fat! And gained 5lbs of muscle, so total 5lb weight loss in 6 weeks.  What was so unbelievable about this was how much FAT I lost in 6 weeks!!!! I am already a smaller person so for me to lose weight it is harder as I have less calories that I burn in general.

I feel so amazing and proud of myself for sticking to this program. But the best part has to be making all of the new friends along the way. I really love the little family we have become.

Thank you so much to all of the trainers and all those who have encouraged me along the way!!!


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  1. Great job Grace!!

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