Feb 292016

So three weeks in! Man, I did awesome with my workouts this week. But the diet not so much. It’s weird, I let myself go some and ate whatever I wanted and it made me feel.. Horrible. Physically.  I felt almost like I was intoxicated when I ate sugary carbs.  Don’t get me wrong it was amazing going in but 5 minutes or so after I ate it I felt very odd.  I’m actually really proud of myself for sticking to the workouts and having some bad days. I would normally freak out about this but I feel now that I am getting stronger.. Strange how I get mentally stronger when my body actually gains strength.  This new found confidence in myself feels so good. I don’t know if I have ever felt this confident that I will succeed. This doesn’t feel like old diets where I couldn’t wait for the end to come.. This feels like a genuine life change for me and I am so thankful for all of the trainers who have been helping me. I love the results I am seeing physically but the inside change is what I am more in awe of. When I first started training with JK I said ” I can’t” and he really got after me for that. I soon learned to watch myself and not say “I can’t” as cheesy as this may sound to you.. It truly changed the way that I think……….. And I have learned quickly that I actually can.

Back in the saddle on this diet this week. Determined to finish STRONG.

Quote for week three:
“If there is one thing I’m willing to bet on in life, it’s myself.”

Grace will be reporting regularly on how the Six Week Challenge is going for her. Check back in with us next Tuesday to see how her fourth week went!


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