Feb 232016

I take Nick’s small group again with Gail, Annetta, and Suzanne. I am loving these ladies and making new friends! It makes me feel accountable that they will be there and we can discuss how we are doing together.

I am rocking the diet :) And feeling great still!

I take JK industrial strength again and I feel the burn :). I think this is my favorite class now. What a change. Diet still on target! LOOK AT ME GO!

I take a day of rest :) I have dinner again with friends and I still stick to my diet.  I do feel sleepier than normal today but I work an 11 hour day.

I convince Gwen to come to try JK’s class and we have a blast! I love the energy in class!!

I do a barbell challenge with Gwen and Michelle.  I am excited to have both of them by my side again and it’s fun to challenge ourselves together!  Diet is going ok this weekend, it’s not as hard as it was last weekend.

The hard day arrives. Sunday’s are so hard for me to stick to the diet.  I have my father’s 67th birthday party and basically have a tug of war with myself over sticking to the diet or cheating on the diet and celebrating the birthday with my family. I decide to truly enjoy the meal with my father. I make a deal with myself. I decide there are probably a lot of people whose father’s never got to make it to 67 and I am extremely lucky to have  a dad who is not only amazing but also still around to be with!

Now this is different! Any other diet I have been on if I “fall off the wagon” I tend to make it an ALL DAY affair. Saying that I already “ruined” the day so why not just have all the things I have been missing!  OR I over compensate and eat nothing else in the hope that I would just even it out that way. This time I got RIGHT back in the saddle and that is HUGE. I ate my protein just like I would  had I have followed the diet. This is massive success considering this has never been done before. Am I actually learning balance?!!!!!!! Can a 34 year old person really change the way they do things?

I felt guilty about my love affair with my mom’s food yesterday so I get up extra early and go in to ride the bike before class. Monday morning was beautiful. We had almost 30 people in the team training class. I was in awe of the energy that was out there. Everyone working their hardest together and trying to be a better version of themselves. I had to try to hide my excitement and not overstep bounds by being to peppy or wanting to know everything about everyone. I really love stuff like this. I love seeing people doing things that make them feel better about themselves. And I mean I TRULY LOVE it! I wish every class could be like that. Every fitness level working together to a common goal to just be better. I am a real believer in the stronger my body gets the stronger my mind becomes. It is very intertwined for me.  I felt empowered working with all of the people who came to class and inspired!  I swear that this experience is changing me physically.. yes. But mentally it is a WAY larger change that I can put my mind to something and I can do it.  I can do it the healthy way and I can feel good.

Ok enough gushing and crazy positivity! I don’t want to get on anyone’s nerves yet- we have 3.5 more weeks to go!!!

Quote for this week:

“The first step to getting anywhere is deciding you’re not willing to stay where you are”.

Grace will be reporting regularly on how the Six Week Challenge is going for her. Check back in with us next Tuesday to see how her third week went!



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