Feb 162016

Last week what happened??!

Last Tuesday I took Nick’s small group and it was AWESOME! I listened to Annette and went for heavier weight than I thought I could do. I committed that I would do whatever it was until I failed. And guess what- my brain was wrong, I can do more weight than I thought.  SO I felt great- better than I have ever felt. I don’t know if it is because I am drinking the kool aid over here or what. But I felt happier in all sections of my life. I kept telling my husband how much I loved him and he laughed that  I was in a better mood!


Thursday I take a day to rest but stick like glue to my diet. And now I am ready to eat every 3 hours. Literally, I eat at 10 and at 12:30-12:45 I look at the clock because I am starting to feel hungry.. Strange how this is already taking the effect I want.


HERE’S SOMETHING THAT IS A BIG DEAL! Thursday night I went to have dinner with some of our friends. This is usually where I cave on a diet. I remember every time I have been on a diet I have sat at events, parties, dinners etc… And have had the hardest time just staring at the food. I mean can’t listen to what someone is saying because the chips and dip are talking too loud! And I always feel deprived and sad etc…. SO before we go out I make my egg whites and eat before we go. Then I have a salad while we are there for dinner and water. AND I did not once want the meat filled pizza or the garlic bread or the beer/wine that they all had. I STUCK TO IT had a GREAT time!!! And best of all it wasn’t hard for me. VICTORY!


I worked in the morning and wasn’t able to work out but JK helped me by giving me the info on what the workout was and I fit it in. I made it happen. I feel so in control of my life and so proud that I am meeting my goals.


I set my alarm and get up early to head to the gym to do a workout that Michelle has done before with Gwen and Michelle- my two best friends who are beyond fit. If you go to Kay’s drive Michelle is the one teaching tons of classes and smiling. Gwen is the one who goes every day at 4:15-4:30am so if you are normal human you probably have only seen her on saturday mornings when she goes at a normal time. Both of these women are great inspiration for me.. And even though they know me so well I am nervous to workout with them.. Can I keep up????

I DID IT! I finished it with them :) It was awesome to all be together.

So. Are you starting to get annoyed with my exclamation points and my excitement that everything is all positive and I am just doing great!  Well the following is for you!

Saturday as the day wears on. I lose the positive polly outlook. We have tons of valentine’s candy in our house and all sorts of sweets from the holiday. I get crabby. I want some of those.  I still have 5 more weeks and then a lifetime of trying to balance this. UGH!  I think to myself darnit! I really was hoping this would just be easy.. But I remind myself, of course it isn’t easy otherwise everyone would eat well and exercise and we would all hold hands and sing songs.  I literally think the only way I am going to make it thru this diet is to just go to sleep!

BUT I make it thru!!


If I thought Saturday was hard Sunday was BRUTAL.

We had a family Valentines day party with Gwen’s family and it was all yummy yummy pink food! I know we had the cheat meal but I decided to pass and stick to it..  I did have some conversation hearts so no P for me. But that was it in regards to cheating.  After breakfast I was at home the rest of the day. My old habit would be to eat pretty bad on a sunday when it is snowing and I am locked up inside..  I was really chomping on my gum trying to keep laser focus on my goal. And for I think the first time ever I didn’t cave! I stuck it out!!!!!!!

Monday 2/15- I get up sooooooo excited for class w/ JK and I enjoy every second of it and love how I already feel that one week has made a huge difference in how I feel mentally, how I feel physically, and emotionally I feel so clear and calm..  This kool aid I am drinking tastes good- you should have some!

Quote of this week: “The temptation to quit will be greatest just before you are about to succeed”. 

Grace will be reporting regularly on how the Six Week Challenge is going for her. Check back in with us next Tuesday to see how her second week went!

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