Feb 092016

Grace, at the start of the challenge

by Grace Meyer

I am going to try to do something different…and more importantly I am going to STICK to something…ANYTHING really. Ask anyone who knows me and sticking to something is so hard for me. My goal in all of this is to be as honest as I possibly can. Hold nothing back and give you the REAL dirt on what is going on while I do this 6 week challenge. SCARY!

Thoughts on Sunday 2/7/16:
Well, I better eat everything today because tomorrow is going to be hard. Will I even be able to do this??? Usually, when I start a “diet” or something like this I am exhausted. Will I be like that again??

As I go to bed, I promise myself I won’t miss 5:15 Afterburn with JK no matter what happens. I am up almost every hour with my 4 year old and I still manage to get up at 4:30 to go to class. VICTORY!

(Side bar about me: I am a cardio junkie! I love all things cardio. Treadmill queen right here! I step onto the floor to lift a weight and sweat out of anxiety! And that’s with working at the gym for 7+ years… So going to a gym where there is NO TREADMILL is scary to me!)

I make it to class and tell everyone I am probably going to throw up. But I tell myself I am not giving up. I will stick it out no matter what. Because if I want to change my habits and my body I have to be willing to do new things. I made it thru class and it was dare I say FUN! I loved being with the seven other wild people there at 5:15 in the morning. The music was amazing— and kept me motivated. Having the accountability of everyone else there made it a lot easier. I am still very skeptical though. This may just be the “honeymoon”.

I meet with Annette at 1pm and get the hard number facts of someone who used to be all about being in shape falling off the wagon and growing older. The old tricks don’t work anymore for me. I find that I need to eat more and eat right to be able to keep up with my four year old and daily chores of work and keeping my house together. I discuss with Annette my previous habits of cardio vs eating nothing of substance during the week  and then eating what I want on the weekends. SURPRISE: it’s no wonder I keep gaining weight or barely maintaining my weight. I am working so hard but working against myself this way. You’d think I would have listened by now! She explains the only way I can win this battle is to build muscle. I need to feed the muscle and work my muscles.

I hope you will all be inspired by this to try something new in your own lives whatever that may be. Here’s to telling fear to take a seat and challenging my mind, body and soul to do something all out. My quote for today is: “Give up, Give in, or Give it your all”.


Grace will be reporting regularly on how the Six Week Challenge is going for her. Check back in with us next Tuesday to find out how she survived her first week!

  2 Responses to “Six Week Survivor Challenge Diary: The Beginning”

  1. Go Grace! Glad you are joining our group in the am!

  2. Way to go, Grace!! Love seeing you at 5:15 AM every M, W, F!! Definitely worth that early morning alarm clock!!

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