Jan 132016

Wish Carlee the very best of luck this weekend as she travels to California for a college audition. If you’ve never had a chance to see her talent, have a look at this video.

Good luck, Carlee!

  5 Responses to “GOOD LUCK on Your Audition, Carlee!”

  1. Carlee is incredibly talented mixing dance with gymnastics. She will make Central Illinois proud.

  2. Carlee you are an amazingly talented dancer! You are a beautiful young lady and we wish you the very best at your audition this weekend!!!!
    Lisa & Tuck❤️❤️

  3. Carlee ~ Talented, Athletic, Graceful, Dedicated and Strong. Best of all, a genuinely good heart! Wishing you all the best ~ Suzanne

  4. Good Luck Carle – you dance so beautiful. What a gift they are receiving to be able to watch you!!

  5. WOW! So talented! Good luck at your audition!

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