Dec 292015

The Workout Company’s NEW location at 3907 GE Road
(between Joe’s Pub and The Olive Bin) is almost ready!

Stop by for our Open House on Saturday, January 2nd, from 8am to 4pm to say hello! Take a tour, talk to the trainers, have a chance at winning some great prizes (including a membership and MyZone fitness trackers), and get your 2016 started right with a fun, personalized workout plan. Work out six days a week with a trainer who will encourage you, challenge you, and change the way you think about getting — and staying! — fit.

(A reminder: The existing location on Kays Drive is not changing — all our classes, training sessions, and equipment will stay exactly the same!)

Give us a call at 309-454-2582 with any questions.
We hope to see you there!

  2 Responses to “The Workout Company Training Club is Almost Ready!”

  1. Hello!

    Is there any need for more employees at either locations? I am a certified Personal Trainer but have not had the chance to put my certification to use yet. Was seeing if there was a way I could get my foot in the door. Thank you for your time!

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