Dec 172015
Weight Loss Challenge

Annette and Pat

Hello Challengers!!

First of all I want to say how proud I am of all of you that weighed in on Saturday (I know there were a few of you that couldn’t make it, I am including you in that statement)!!!! The results were really incredible! 98% of you (yes, seriously) had remarkable results! The total fat lost was over 212lbs!!

Honestly it was such a close call for a few of the categories. That being said, the winners are:

Anna French – Most weight lost!!
Matt French – Most fat lost!!
Samantha England – Most muscle gained!!
Pat Shimmin – Most P’s on her calendar!!

For the winners, please contact Maddie or myself so we can get you your prize. I hope that you all had fun and learned something :)

Feel free to contact Maddie or me if we can help you with any of your fitness or nutrition needs.

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! And keep circulating your protein!!!

Here’s to the NEW YOU!!


Annette FranklinWant to get in on the fun? Join Annette in the 84-Day Fat to Fit Program, where she will help you lose weight, gain muscle, and develop more strength than you ever imagined. Email her today!

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