Mar 102015
By Lisa Kendall

This morning, I switched up my routine a little bit. Instead of getting up and going to The Workout Company, I stayed at home and exercised on my own. I was dressed the part, I looked the part, but did I perform the part? During my sixty-minute workout, my children interrupted me countless times; the dog needed to go out and the phone rang. The small amount of time I tried to set aside for myself was compromised by the needs of others. As any of you can relate, we often put the needs of others in front of ourselves. However, do not forget in order to take care of others in our lives, we first need to take care of ourselves.

Of course taking care of oneself has many facets, physically, emotionally, spiritually, etc. We should try our hardest to figure out how to answer to all dimensions of wellness, but for now I am going to focus on the physical dimension. Exercising is one way to answer to your physical health and in order to make this a part of your lifestyle, you need to figure out what works for you. As confirmed by my experience earlier, exercising in the confines of my home does not work for me. I push myself harder, enjoy my time more and get better results when I am with my “gym family” at The Workout Company. The staff and members at The Workout Company always challenge me to excel. Whether it is taking my fitness to the next level by increasing my intensity or duration or just simply exercising along side others, I strive to make the most of the time I have there.

I am guessing that those of you who have made The Workout Company a consistent routine would agree that having the support of others makes exercising more fun and you get better results from it. Our instructors and personal trainers provide safe and effective workouts of all kinds. Our wide varieties of options for exercise are sure to appeal to our youngest and oldest members, our rookies and our veterans. However, the staff and program options at The Workout Company are only half of the reason why I start my day there. Our members and the atmosphere of comradery created by them keeps me coming back for more. I think “comradery” is a great word to use as it’s definition fits to a teeComradery is a feeling of trust, a bond created by a shared goal or experience — you don’t have to be best friends with everyone in the group to know you have their support. Whether I am instructing a class or taking a class, I feel supported, encouraged and inspired by everyone around me. I would like to think my children were trying to provide me support and encouragement this morning, but it wasn’t quite what I needed to “perform the part.”

Taking care of others will at times limit the time we can spend taking care of ourselves, but do not forget about all of the benefits exercise has for you as an individual. So…what works for you? Do you exercise in the morning; do you exercise in the evening? Do you prefer joining us for one of our many programming options led by personal trainers and group fitness instructors or using the equipment available to you? Do you exercise for at least thirty minutes daily? Do you engage in cross training to stay safe and yield results? You get out of your workout what you put into it and you are in charge of determining what works best for you. I have been a group fitness instructor at The Workout Company for nearly eleven years and I have seen fitness goals met, lifestyle changes maintained, and friendships created. What works for me is to challenge myself (and you) with knowledgeable, fitness professionals in an environment where goals are not only reached but also encouraged and supported by others along the way. What works for me, is all of you at The Workout Company.

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