Mar 032015
By Heidi Harbers

BODYVIVE is one of the new classes that is now on our schedule. It offers the perfect mix of strength, cardio and core work making it an ideal cross-training workout for busy people on the go.

The class consists of 11 tracks of great music with easy to follow but challenging choreography! After the warmup, four tracks provide a great leg and cardio workout. These high intensity tracks are designed with both high and low impact options. The last two tracks (of these 4) will push your endurance levels. An active recovery track transitions participants to the three strength tracks that utilize resistance tubes that provide an integrated workout for the entire body. Two core tracks follow that challenge participants with an intense and controlled workout for abdominals and back. The class ends with a cool down to stretch out your muscles.

BODY VIVE is offered on Sundays (12:15), Tuesday and Thursday mornings (8 a.m.) and Wednesday afternoon (4:30). We invite you to come and experience a great total body conditioning.

Here’s what some of our members say about VIVE:

Low impact! High energy! Hits the whole body! – M.R.

Love VIVE! My whole body comes alive! I can do so many things in VIVE that I didn’t know I could do! – G.A.

Gets your heartrate up even with the low impact options! – S.H.

I love the combination of music, moves, and instructor! – P.S.

My favorite class! I like the options! It’s fun! – E.W.

Just returned to the gym. Great class to get me back working out! Easy to follow! – J.J.

Great overall body workout! – C.N.

My Sunday afternoon sweat! – M.R.

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