Jan 052015

glowGLOW Launch!

Come for a FREE WEEK! Bring a Friend! Try our GLOW Launch classes!

Wear white and neon colors! We will supply the glow-in-the-dark jewelry, face paint, black lights, and FUN!

Monday, January 5th

5:30pm Glow Pump

6:05pm Glow RPM/Glow Insanity

6:40pm Glow Vive

7:15pm Glow Flow

Tuesday, January 6th

5:30pm Glow Combat

6:05pm Glow CX Worx

6:40pm Glow Attack

7:15pm Glow WERQ

Wednesday, January 7th

5:30pm Glow WERQ

6:05pm Glow Pump

6:40pm Glow Step/Glow RPM

7:15pm Glow Flow


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